5 Rules of Operative Optimization

5 Rules of Operative Optimization

Production Management for Managers

Marcus Karl Haman

Band 4: Production Management for Managers

Wirtschaft & Management


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Especially in the crisis period it is observed again and again that undertakings, which rested in the sunshine of positive order position, they face in crisis period the icy frost of the market.

The knowledge from several assignments as Interim Manager, also called manager for a period, or also addressed as industrial mercenary, is, that it requires rules to implement successful modifications. Not as a template but much rather as guide in order to find again and again to find the right path. Because what should be achieved lies on the hand.

It is necessary to do the RIGHT things and to do the things RIGHTLY!
Marcus Karl Haman

Marcus Karl Haman

In his profession Marcus Karl Haman, MSc was able to gain experience from the bottom up. He started as an trainee in electric and became plant manager, director, COO and CEO of leading companies within an productive environment several years later. He developed his knowledge in international companies like General Motors, SIEMENS or within the Coca-Cola system.

For further information please visit following website: www.haman.at

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