70 Classic and New Playground Games

70 Classic and New Playground Games

More Movement for Classroom, Camp and Campus

Geneviève Susemihl

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ISBN-13: 9783757891985

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Erscheinungsdatum: 10.01.2024

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The playground is a fantastic place to play. This book contains a collection of 70 all-time favourite classic and new playground games, including ball and circle games, games of tag, games played on a climbing frame, skipping and singing games, memory games and other fun activities. While some games are best played with young learners, others are better suited for older players. Many games are favourite activities at camp and campus.

Children are so full of energy and eager for new challenges and experiences. Channel their excitement in positive, stimulating ways. This easy-to-use and valuable resource provides a practical toolkit of ideas to promote active and enjoyable games that help eliminate students' boredom during recess, provide plenty of physical exercise and great fun, encourage healthy competition and create an exciting and social experience for children of all ages.

This book is useful for teachers, camp councellors, youth recreational leaders and parents alike. The intructions are easy to follow and the rules are kept simple. Best of all: Everyone can play. The more players, the better! So, let's go outside and play.
Geneviève Susemihl

Geneviève Susemihl

Geneviève Susemihl, PhD, has been a teacher and professor at schools and universities in Canada, the United States and Germany for almost thirty years. She is a sociologist and scholar in cultural studies and has published extensively on teaching methodologies, children's literature, heritage and other topics. Currently, she lives with her husband and her three children at the Baltic Coast in Germany.

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