Die Schweizermacher

Die Schweizermacher

A Swiss German Tutorial

Paul G. Schreier, Harry Fuchs



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ISBN-13: 9783732201334

Verlag: Books on Demand

Erscheinungsdatum: 02.09.2022

Sprache: Englisch, Deutsch

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Learning Swiss German finally made fun!

- based on Switzerland's must succesful feature film, the romantic comedy: "Die Schweizmacher"
- Word-by-word transcription of the Swiss German dialog
- Complete translation into both Hochdeutsch and English
- Plentiful footnotes explaining unsual words phrases
- Explanations of all the "inside" jokes in thus satire, which takes a critical look at Swiss society
- Includes Grammar Notes on each section, explaining special aspects of the dialog you've just heard. It also has exercrises to help you master the concepts.
- Includes a Quick Grammar that details the grammatical structure and fundamentals of the language. This is a complete text for leraning Schweizderdeutsch suitable for all levels.

We've taken the most succesful feature firlm ever made in Switzerland and turned it into a course in Schweizerdeutsch. You'll not only gain a much better understanding of the language, you'll have a great time in the process.

Die Schweizermacher is the story of two officers in the Swiss Office of Immigration and Naturalization. It's their job to check into the backgrounds of people who have applied for Swiss citizenship - except in this satire, the director takes a closer look at the Swiss and their customs than he does at the candidates. You'll lough out loud many, many times as the director, Rolf Lussy, pokes fun at this fellow countrymen and woman.

And this is real dialg, the way people really talk. To help you understand what's being said, this book provides a word-by-word transcprition of the dialog so you can read every phrase, every word in the original Schweizerdeutsch. And then it also gives the Hochdeutsch (High German) equivalent and then the English translation.

Following the characters in their everyday situations, you'll learn how to greet people in all sorts of settings, you'll "eavesdrop" on private conversations and generally listen in to the way the Swiss really talk among themselves. This book peresents a completely unique way learning a language - and it couldn't be more fun.
Paul G. Schreier

Paul G. Schreier

Harry Fuchs

Harry Fuchs

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