imPossible Goals

imPossible Goals

How to lose bad habits and develop powerful skills using special methods of positive psychology and NLP

Gerhard J. Mandalka

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ISBN-13: 9783757852900

Verlag: Books on Demand

Erscheinungsdatum: 30.11.2023

Sprache: Englisch

Farbe: Nein

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This version is the first edition of Impossible Goals in English.

In this fourth version of the book, the author has taken into account the feedback of the readers and elaborated the core messages even more strongly, also graphically. Already the change of the preface has led some test readers to the realization: "I am currently not ready to tackle my goal, because I . . . !" This realization is very important as it saves them a lot of time and frustration. The test readers have thanked for this insight and now know what they need to change beforehand in order to reach their goal.

The book provides an inspiring map to help you find your goals and take the right path. It shows you how to spot obstacles and stay on the right course in the fog or return quickly. You will learn how your unconscious thinking patterns influence your decisions and how to better align these patterns with your goals and better decisions. The book draws your attention to new opportunities that you might miss if you focus too much on threats and disadvantages. It helps you to focus your thoughts more on your goals and shows you that many happy and successful people have similar motives and make their decisions on a solid basis.

The author, a three-time world record holder, entrepreneur, scientist and family man, shares his knowledge to help you be happier.

He emphasises that we can only change the future in the here and now and through action.
Gerhard J. Mandalka

Gerhard J. Mandalka

Gerhard J. Mandalka is an experienced coach with extensive expertise. He holds a master's degree in prevention and health psychology and a bachelor's degree in business psychology (B. A. ). In addition to his qualifications as a NLP Master, he has also set three world records.

Gerhard J. Mandalka is inspired to continue to educate himself and to serve as an example by coaching business owners, children, athletes and people who strive for change. As a coach and entrepreneur in the health sector (gym, physiotherapy, rehabilitation facility) he is committed to doing the right thing.

His new and innovative concept called "Life in Work®" will change the way we look at health and raise awareness that performance, well-being and attractiveness are far more important to us than health.

The focus of his coaching activities is always on making people aware of their own potential. This realization can burst dreams, but it also leads to relief and a willingness to accept oneself. This leads to a clearer vision of the future, the implementation of new behaviours and ultimately a happier life.

Gerhard J. Mandalka is convinced that illusions can easily be sold, but this is wrong. That is why he offers his readers an honest guide on how to change their lives.


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