Leaders Journal

Leaders Journal

Plan your Life, Live your Plan

Lukas Pozdeev

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ISBN-13: 9783758314551

Verlag: Books on Demand

Erscheinungsdatum: 30.11.2023

Sprache: Englisch

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Do you have big goals and aspire to achieve success, standing out from the crowd? Have you often attempted to work on them, only to find your motivation waning after a short while? With this journal, I will demonstrate how you can attain one of your major goals within just ten weeks.

Success can be strategized and planned. I will teach you how successful individuals articulate and plan their goals, fulfilling all their aspirations through straightforward guidelines. Step by step, you will learn how to take charge of your life and showcase your capabilities to everyone!

Understanding the spiritual laws will equip you to navigate life better and actively pursue your goals.

Lukas Pozdeev

Lukas Pozdeev

Lukas Pozdeev, born in the year 2000, is a passionate entrepreneur, author, and networker at the young age of 23. Driven by a profound love for humanity, he aims to make the world a better place. Dubai, in particular, has captivated him, as he sees it as a place where his goals of gratitude, joy, success, and love can be realized. The city embodies, for him, a space that offers security, fulfillment, and opportunities for everyone. Lukas utilizes his entrepreneurship and writing talents to inspire and motivate others. In Dubai, he actively strives to support people on their journey towards a fulfilling life and contribute to creating a more positive world.

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