Make money with sports betting 1

Make money with sports betting 1

The ultimate guide for systematic sports betting

Lorenz Laplace

Sport, Wellness & Beauty


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Since 2019 this book exists in German, now finally the English translation of this Buyer exists!

Lorenz Laplace succeeded in gaining a fortune of 20,000 EUR quite systematically through sports betting within three years with 1,000 EUR starting capital and many small bets with stakes of 20-50 EUR.

Laplace gives tips in easy-to-remember rules: For example, the main betting rule, the tax-favourites rule or the crass-outsider rule. The derivation of these tips is done in an understandable way, and the calculations are very easy to follow.
The core of his strategy for betting is based on the following insight: the probabilities for a sporting event cannot be calculated exactly. So, every betting provider errs in setting the odds. Some odds are too low, others are too high for the outcome.
It is only necessary to recognise in which direction the betting provider errs, e.g., in favour of the underdog or the favourite. The bettor's error is analysed with the help of a four-point plan, and then the bets are placed, naturally on the events that have received odds that are too high from the bettor.In addition, Lorenz Laplace gives other decisive tips, e.g., how to optimally integrate promotions: Deposit bonuses, free bets, cashback, or combination bet insurance, etc.

The book is a must for every betting enthusiast who wants to make long - term profits with betting.
Lorenz Laplace

Lorenz Laplace

Lorenz Laplace is a german graduated mathemaitian (university).

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