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Lord Nicolaus Dinter

Natur- & Humanwissenschaften


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ISBN-13: 9783756833979

Verlag: Books on Demand

Erscheinungsdatum: 08.10.2022

Sprache: Englisch

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Mindfulness is the main opportunity to get a successful therapy. Mindfulness changes your Life, it is a help to get a new look at your Life.In this book, I write some specifications of trauma and Borderliner. Both a nearby and a hyperactive emotion chance a lot of behaviors no one could exactly tell how or which behavior. It is for all, not only for specification, of course, you can find by the time you work more ideas, aspecialy those which are important for individuum. If you go the way through the book, you have a lot of help systems that will help you to understand your emotions better. Just start and go through the book to the end and than you will find more and do a suggestfull therapy in the future. "Whhat you need is not what you want." (Before therapy) this book is only a help to do more and your needs are not clear if you do have not therapy. And I give you and the therapist some example to do it better, just start your future now.
Lord Nicolaus Dinter

Lord Nicolaus Dinter

I do not like to write a lot about me, but I study graphic-design and bank economics, so pschology specifications for Borderline and trauma. I work over 12 years with both, I am a leader of a self-help-group. I know how hard it is to make therapy, I get by myself in a crisis so I need help to find a new way to take a new look at my Life. My books give some examples and of course, after the study's a lot of new ideas to Life. It is a hard way, but after all, I stay under better conditions. So it is a part I do by myself and I find them helpful to create a better Life. So I give you some inspiration to stay better in Life.

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