Motorcycle tour Sardinia

Motorcycle tour Sardinia


Wolfgang Pade

Reiseberichte & Reiseliteratur


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Here is the experience of a motorcycle trip over the entire island of Sardinia, from the point of view of a biker, reported.

The motorcycle tour starts in Illingen near Stuttgart and goes through Switzerland to Italy to the port of Genoa, from where I take the car ferry to Sardinia overnight.

On the beautiful and natural island I move into my headquarters in Samugheo, this mountain village is located in the center of Sardinia. From there, I ride my motorcycle in a star shape to the daily destinations that are of interest to me and document them in the book. The routes of the daily tours can be taken in the itinerary or on a visual overview.

After very many driven kilometers on Sardinia it goes back again over night on the car ferry from Olbia to Genoa, in order to drive on the next morning with the motorcycle over Italy and Switzerland to Illingen with Stuttgart.

This travelogue contains 14 color pages and detailed maps of the motorcycle tour.
Wolfgang Pade

Wolfgang Pade

Dear readers,

my name is Wolfgang Pade and traveling is my great passion, already with fourteen years I traveled, with friends of the same age, alone through Europe, with sixteen all countries of Europe and North Africa were visited several times.

Whether by train, bus, car, motorcycle, plane, ship, sailboat or cruise ship, I wanted to go out into the world to look at this, it did not matter to me whether I stayed in a tent, a five star hotel or on a sailboat, or cruise ship.

Experiencing how it goes somewhere else in the world, marveling at landscapes, observing animals and getting to know people, as well as exploring their customs, cultures and way of life. That fascinated me all my life, that was my motivation, my drive, so I traveled in the meantime all continents, many distant countries, with foreign cultures, completely different beliefs, different attitudes to life, as well as with clearly different, but interesting eating habits.

In the meantime I have grown a little older and work as an engineer and manager in a large corporation. I have been married to my wife Silvia since the age of twenty-seven, and together we have two sons.

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