Pope Joan

Pope Joan

The covered-up pontificate of a woman (3rd Ed.)

Michael E. Habicht

Geschichte & Biografien


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Pope Joan. A concealed pontificate of a woman or a fictitious legend? In 1277, Martin of Troppau mentioned in his chronicle the pontificate of a woman who, as John Anglicus, had held the office of pope for two and a half years around 850 and was later removed from the list of popes. Since then, the world has been puzzling over the question of whether this is the truth or whether it is a legend that persisted. Was there once a female pope? And what consequences does this have for apostolic succession and for the question of whether women should be ordained as priests? The textbook presents new materials and presents an amazing and consistent theory: a silver coin from the period 856 to 858 with the inscription SCS PETRVS (Saint Peter) and the papal monogram IOHANIS. Stylistically the coin belongs to the time before Pope Nicolaus I (858 - 867) and should therefore be assigned to a Pope John in the 850s. In this time there is only Johannes Anglicus, the female pope. Thus, there is a historical proof for the real existence of the Popess.
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Michael E. Habicht

Michael E. Habicht

Dr. Michael E. Habicht, studied Classical Archaeology and Egyptology at the Universities of Zurich and Basel. He specialized in the New Kingdom, the royal tombs and underworld books, as well as in the time of Akhenaton, Nefertiti and Tutankhamun.
He is Senior Research Fellow (Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia)

Homepage: https://www.michaelhabicht.info/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/michael.e.habicht/
Academia: https://flinders.academia.edu/MichaelEHabicht

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