The Operator Development Program

The Operator Development Program

Production Management for Managers

Marcus Karl Haman

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Wirtschaft & Management


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ISBN-13: 9783753423159

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Erscheinungsdatum: 15.02.2021

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An undertaking should be considered like a organism. In order to exist, each "form life" must develop itself further. May this be by experiencing and collecting of experience or through specific transfer of knowledge. The most effective approach to improve the organization is certainly the training of the people or employees, who ensure the core business. In the example of a production plant, these are the workers or production employees. However, the difficulty is to implement the transfer of knowledge in a regulated and controlled or structured manner. Similarly subjects like wage structure and function allowances as well as the desire of the un-dertaking to make progress are always pre-sent. May this be professional, personal, methodical or hierarchical.
Marcus Karl Haman

Marcus Karl Haman

Marcus Karl Haman, MSc
In his profession Marcus Karl Haman, MSc was able to gain experience from the bottom up. He started as an trainee in electric and became plant manager, director, COO and CEO of leading companies within an productive environment several years later. He developed his knowledge in international companies like General Motors, SIEMENS or within the Coca-Cola system.

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