The Renewal of Ourselves and Our World

The Renewal of Ourselves and Our World

Letters to the Friends of the Movement of Self-Knowledge

Samuel Widmer Nicolet

Geistes-, Sozial- & Kulturwissenschaften


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ISBN-13: 9783952441381

Verlag: Verlag Basic Editions

Erscheinungsdatum: 20.02.2024

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Twenty letters, thirteen of which appeared during Samuel Widmer's lifetime and eleven after his death, were published with a foreword, summarising the basic work of self-knowledge. They also summarise Samuel's literary activities of the past years on the subject of self-knowledge in a concise work.

Samuel wrote:

Should not the most important and fundamental concerns of such a movement be addressed in a collection of such letters over time? Shouldn't its goals and its tools for achieving these goals be outlined in more detail and anew? And do these goals not simply consist in the renewal of ourselves and our world, which we hope to achieve with the tool of self-knowledge? Have we not come to make the earth a paradise? Is this not our real goal? Are we not part of the movement that intends such a thing, dreams such a thing? We are not really forming a movement. That would be something organised, something created and produced by thoughts, by the ego. We are part of the movement that is led by love. We have awakened to this fundamental movement in the universe. The goal of this force, if it can be described as a goal at all, is renewal. The renewal of us humans and thus of our world. It is love that makes everything new again and again.
Samuel Widmer Nicolet

Samuel Widmer Nicolet

Samuel Widmer Nicolet (24.12.1948 - 18.1.2017), a Swiss medical doctor, psychiatrist, psychotherapist and author, was practicingin his own practice for over 30 years and lived and worked near Solothurn in Switzerland.
He was an expert in psycholytic psychotherapy and held a special licence from the SWiss governement to carry out therapy with the substances MDMA and LSD (1988-1993). He was a co-founder of the ECBS (European Collegium for Consciousness Studies) and the SÄPT (Swiss Medical Association for Psycholytic Psychotherapy). He led spiritual workshops, meditation and tantra seminars. His spiritual teachers included Jiddu Krishnamurti and Carlos Castaneda's Don Juan. Samuel Widmer and his wife Danièle Nicolet are the founders of the Kirschblüte (Cherry Blossom) Community, a community that currently has around 120 adults and 90 children and young people.
He has shared the findings from his 50 years of intensive research into self-knowledge, psycholysis, tantra, meditation, community building and spirituality in numerous publications.

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