Background, Training Methods, Performance Optimization.

J-G Matuszek

Sport, Wellness & Beauty


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Training - Performance - Life
Are we able to look behind the scenes, to see what Taekwondo means to us? There is an opportunity to unleash the ideas.

What is the point of reflecting on Taekwondo, to draw attention to what to do, how to do it and why? Even when abstract concepts are projected onto the screen, suddenly we recognize certain strengths and want to progress them further. We observe, we hear and deepen our knowledge. The own experiences are directed towards competence. Self-efficacy increases for each individual, if he/she it desires.
J-G Matuszek

J-G Matuszek

Universities: Innsbruck, Salzburg, Perugia:
Linguistics. Foreign Languages - Interpreter Translator,
MA degree.
Empirical Systems Science, Political Science, International Relations, Philosophy, Communication Science.
PhD degree.
Postgraduate Studies at diverse Institutes
Marketing, Advertising-PR-CI, Management Controlling, Innovation and Development Management.
Licensed Consultant.

Manager in Multinational Corporations. Management-Contracting in Medium-sized Companies. Trading & Compensation transactions. Consulting & Coaching.
Chairman of Board of Directors of several companies in Germany, Switzerland. Management in certifications of companies and organisations. Member of the Board of Trustees of the "Globility Circle" Foundation.
Lecturer at various Universities and Business Schools.
Former competitive athlete, sports trainer.
High-tech Cooperations for performance diagnostics / optimization in sport and business.

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