Technical Dictionary for Crafts German-English / English-German

Stefan Riedel



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Riedel Technical Dictionary: Tools

German/English and English/German
More than 2,950 keywords with many comments and abbreviations

Ever since we have begun to adapt our environment to our needs, it has become obvious that proper tools are indispensable for any kind of skilled workmanship. No matter whether we started building houses, airplanes, ships, chairs, tables or bicycles, etc: in the modern world, worldwide construction, renovation, restoration, maintenance work, etc is often carried out by specialized foreign corporations. Precise international communication has become absolutely essential for all organisational processes. This technical dictionary is like a toolbox, providing you with all the relevant vocabulary for the tools required.

This technical dictionary 'Tools' offers you a comprehensive collection of technical terms translated from German to English and vice versa. You can find many important terms used in theory and practice, thereby quickly improving your daily correspondence in German. I am providing you with a reference work that allows you to considerably improve the level of your German technical communication in your job, schooling, training or studies. In our increasingly globalized world, this technical dictionary is a cornerstone for confident specialized communication.
Stefan Riedel

Stefan Riedel

Stefan Riedel, born in 1983, trained as a freight forwarding and logistics services merchant, further training to become an IHK-certified transport specialist and trainer


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